The Rolling Stones – “Living in a Ghost Town” (Single)

The first original Stones release in eight years, “Living in a Ghost Town” is a relevant treat that will outlast this era. Putting into words the feelings and lackluster home life of quarantine, it laments the sudden lack of parties and live music sessions now replaced by screen time and longing. Mick Jagger’s vocals are in top form, as are the tasty guitar tones and tight rhythm section. Fans of their 1978 song “Miss You,” will enjoy the sonic breathing room, understated groove and shouty chorus hook.

Some say the song has a reggae feel to it, which is understandable given the backbeat organ accents and long (although faint) echo trails. Those trace elements seem practically unavoidable however when a R&B influenced rock band performs a song about ghosts.

In contrast to other covid period pieces, this track doesn’t feel cliché. It spares us the word “quarantine” and scarcely makes a direct reference, thereby relating to our feelings without an electric arc into the circuit of bad news. It could potentially resonate as well under different circumstances. This song should stand on its own even after society has moved onto whatever awaits us. 

Check it out here:


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