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Greensky Bluegrass – “All For Money”

Greensky Bluegrass is easily recognizable treasure to any music lover. You may have heard their unique cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time” and “Breathe.” All For Money, their seventh studio album, is rich in quality and keeps the bar high.  The first impression is set by pleasing elements of bluegrass music generally absent from popular music. … Continue reading Greensky Bluegrass – “All For Money”

Forrest Day – “Quarantine Dream”

   The new Forrest Day release begins beastly and energizing, with adrenaline bass thumps counted out with crisp high hats. A faint unique cavitation briefly lends tribal vibe. A short montage of leadership figures projects their absurd take on the pandemic and what to do about violators. It culminates in Philippine president Duterte saying “shoot them … Continue reading Forrest Day – “Quarantine Dream”

The Rolling Stones – “Living in a Ghost Town” (Single)

The first original Stones release in eight years, “Living in a Ghost Town” is a relevant treat that will outlast this era. Putting into words the feelings and lackluster home life of quarantine, it laments the sudden lack of parties and live music sessions now replaced by screen time and longing. Mick Jagger’s vocals are … Continue reading The Rolling Stones – “Living in a Ghost Town” (Single)

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