Deli / Sandwich Shops


*Randy’s – 1193 10th St, Monterey


$ Breakfast & Lunch Sandwich Shop

This hole in the wall sandwich shop makes an especially good breakfast burrito and egg sandwich, and they’re cheap. Most hot or cold sandwiches cost $4.75. In an orderly fashion, patrons line up to order by the fridge and wait for their sandwich by the window. Busy with Naval Postgraduate students and faculty, they’re open 6:30am until 2:00pm. Located near Old Monterey past Lake El Estero by the Naval Postgraduate School.

Ocean Sushi Deli– 165 Webster St, Monterey


$$ Lunch & Early Dinner

The small casual café has an extensive selection of authentic Japanese cuisine at a great price. Their udon, donburi, sushi and ramen are the best in town. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly; open from lunch through 8pm. Located in Old Monterey.

Pacific Grove:

*Compagno’s – 2000 Prescott Ave, Pacific Grove


$ Lunchtime Sandwich Shop & Grocery

This shop makes huge, gigantic deli sandwiches to go. Very popular with the army folks from the presidio. An impressive selection of beers, root beers, and cream soda. Located high on the hill in PG.


Bruno’s Market & Deli – 6th and Junipero

(831) 624-3821

$ Sandwich Shop & Grocery

This grocery has a good deli which works out well if you plan to pack a lunch on a hike or picnic. They have a good selection of cold, non-alcoholic beverages and wine too.


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