Lounges & Bars in Big Sur


48510 Highway 1 (831) 667-2345

This iconic establishment has hosted artists of all sorts, intellectuals and anyone really who enjoys quality food and drink with atmosphere and a view. From casual appetizers and sandwiches to wine and fine dining, this place is sure to trap your heart. On the ocean side of Highway 1 a shaded staircase zigzags past gargling fountains and ferns and even an functioning old London style phone booth before ascending to the carved Pheonix that welcomes visitors to the patio and entrance. Some enjoy lounging on the cushion studded oversized steps that overlook the large outdoor fireplace. Others prefer the bar style seating looking over miles of Big Sur coastline. Inside there’s a bar, table seating with windows aplenty, and an outdoor deck beyond.

The Big Sur River Inn

46840 Highway 1 (831) 667-2700

Easily spotted alongside the highway, this restaurant makes some mean appetizers and has nice wines to chose from. The colorful bar and dining room spill out onto two levels of decks. Beyond, the lawn leads down to the Big Sur River where visitors can sit in wooden chairs set in the water with their feet in the current.

The Maiden Public House

The Village Shops #2, Highway 1 (831) 667-2355

Tucked behind the General Store next to the River Inn, this local hangout is all about the beer, with nearly 100 to choose from. Their beer menu is divided into categories named “ales,”“stouts,” “porters,” “IPAs,” “Belgians/ strong ale/ sours,” and “shit beer.” The food is overshadowed by the interesting local vibe and beer selection, but menu items include burgers, fish n’ chips, etc.


47200 Highway 1 (831) 667-2422

The meat and potatoes bar and restaurant is an object of gratitude when you’re camping along the river below. Standard roadhouse with a biker vibe.


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